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Videos of Camp Elk Run 2017

What is it like to be at an International Camporee?

Here is a video sharing part of an interview with a couple of cadet counselors who have been to international camporees in the past. They talk about their experiences attending international camporees.

Cadet Camporee 2017 Walkabout

Video showing the layout of the proposed site of the Cadets' Camporee 2017.

Camp Elk Run - Where is it?

This is a video created using Google Earth to show where Camp Elk Run is geographically from outer space to the campsite and back again.

Camporee 2017 Promo

This is the Camporee 2017 Promo Video.

Midwest Camporee 2010

The Calvinist Cadet Corps had a 5 day camporee in 2010. This documentary highlights the events of that camporee, and gives a taste of what a camporee can be like.

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