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A note to counselors

Let's have a heart to heart talk.  Why should you go to a camporee?  Why invest all the time, energy and resources it takes to get to camp?


Answer: It's all about the boys.  The mission of the Calvinist Cadet Corps is to help boys grow more Christ like in all areas of life.


When you place a boy in a wilderness setting such as the camporee where he is challenged physically, mentally, socially and spiritually—it has a tendency to open a boy's heart to instruction.

A counselor has excellent opportunities to come alongside a boy and encourage his growth in all those areas.  And as a counselor, you will definitely experience your own spiritual growth as God works through you, His servant to the boys.

Bottom line: camporee is a WIN – WIN!


With a sly smile on his face, a veteran camporee counselor once told me that he tells his fellow counselors who have never been to a camporee – "Hey, I wouldn't go to a camporee if I were you, cause if you go you'll be hooked – it's addictive!"


Many of you are saying to yourself – yes, I know this is a great event and I know it can have a big impact on a boy's life, and I'd love to be a part of it, but the reality is, a camporee is a big commitment.  I'm not sure I can take the time away from my family and other responsibilities.  Obviously the decision to be a part of a camporee is one that needs to be taken to the Lord in prayer and discussed with family and friends.  If the decision that the Lord leads you to is that it just won't work for you right now, we understand, and we believe you will be blessed for even considering being a part of a camporee.  But we also want you to know that if you are unable to be there, that doesn't mean the boys in your club can't attend.  You should encourage them to go.

We'll take good care of them!

ꟷRobert deJonge

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